Community participation is a central component of this update. Public participation should serve to inform the community and stakeholders about the project and provide a means for the community to participate in the planning effort. Visit the Resources page for a recap of meetings and events that have already occurred.

Information on this page is subject to change and will be updated frequently. Check back often for updates or sign up here to be notified of changes.

Upcoming Events

June 24, 2021

Planning Commission Meeting

Status update and review of Environment (incl. WRE) and Community Facilities chapters.

July 8, 2021

Planning Commission Meeting

Status update and review of Land Use (incl. Priority Preservation) and Implementation chapters.

This section will be updated as official events are scheduled. Official County meeting agendas can be found here

Project Timeline

PlanQAC began in fall 2019 and will extend through the end of 2021. The project schedule may change at the direction of QAC Staff or Planning Commission. The most recent schedule can be found here:

Timeline 2021 1 25

Responding to COVID-19

During the PlanQAC 2021 process, we hope to hold as many public meetings/workshops in person as possible; however, due to the unknown situation with the COVID-19 Pandemic, the overall meeting schedule and facilitation of in-person vs. virtual meetings is subject to change. We will adhere to County recommendations and CDC guidelines regarding holding public meetings, as well as any personal protective equipment and social distancing guidelines.